Little boxes is a unique collection of gold and silver pendants, capturing monumental themes in miniature capsules.

I personally make each piece individually with great care in my studio, hand-made to order using traditional goldsmith practices. Each piece is  marked and labeled and part of a limited series. 



I am Sivan, a jewelry maker and designer for over a decade, trained in a professional Goldsmith institute and graduated from Shenkar college of design and engineering. I begun exploring the integration of miniatures and wearable jewelry a few years back, when visiting a fantastic exhibition of  ancient cultures miniature sculpting. Inspired by the great master jewelers of the 19th century  I chose to remake the classic,  timeless pendants and cast my own contemporary vision into them. 

I use a range of natural themes like the Heron as well as motives of universal human experience as in The Voyage or Home. Some also find elements of treasure-hunt adventure stories (also from the 19th century) echoed in the work. It is however a collection of eternal subjects, symbolic in a way of being meaningful beyond their actual figure and so, can be worn across generations and be passed along from mother to daughter.

This is the very first volume of  this collection. More is to come next year. Enjoy!